Perform Perform

Performance Festival


Saturday 27th of August 2016

2:30 Colin Raynal (CH – Neuenburg), la houle, 2016
Acoustical askew Sounds are flowing from the stage into the space. Vibrating sound waves float in between and counter the current flow. The public is welcome to move freely through this storm.

3:00 Marita Bullmann (DE), untitled (PerformPerform), 2016
To free objects and habits from their sociocultural burden, hence thinking them anew - this is the hobbyhorse of Marita Bullmann.

3:30 Ida Grimsgaard (NO) & Björn Neukom (CH–Zürich), Parents at last !, 2016
What the fuck is wrong with my legs ? What the fuck is going on with my eggs ? When extravagant, pink flamingos meet at the Schiffenensee.

5:00 Clélia Barbut & Charlotte Hubert (FR), L’Aquagymologie, 2015
With concise quotes and historical references the two lecturers poke fun at the academic codes of the generation of knowledge by giving a presentation about Aquagymologie. Afterwards we will have a swim! Bring your bathing suit or - trunks!

7:30 Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri (CH-Zürich), Invisible borders, 2016
Since 15 years the duo Urnamo (whos background lies in Bagdad) is staging the history of Iraq and the tight symbols of the Middle East with poetic and visual interventions. "Invisible borders" is joining this topic.

8:30 Ernestyna Orlowska (CH – Bern), Tanja Turpeinen (FI), Daniel Klingen Borg (NO), FRUITS, 2016
Artificial intelligence is not only subject for Siri, M or AlphaGo. As forecasted by Aldous Huxley in 1932: Man is driven by happiness, comfort and achievement, and therefore will become artificial himself.

9:15 Philippe Wicht (CH – Freiburg), BAD BONN KILLER, 2016
Terrorism, assassination, massacres are the foundation of this performance, which confronts the viewers with the fear of murderous violence.

10:30 Ewa Sadowska (PL/FR), Hello, 2016
With the means of a subtle play on words the artist transforms the application letter for the performance festival into a performance. Where can you draw the line between media and reality?

10:45 Víctor Colmenero Mir (ES), Doppelgänger, 2016
Videoprojektion im Rahmen der long duration Performance des Künstlers (siehe unten)

11:00 Tim & Puma Mimi (CH – Zürich/JP), I feel Gurk, 2012
«Basically every grocery is suitable as an instrument» claims the Duo Tim & Puma Mimi. Nothing is better fitting then a cucumber with some Japanese Sauce.


Long duration Performances :

Andrés Galeano (ES/DE), AL SOL, 2016
Surrounded by photographs, which show anonym people enjoying a sunbath, Andrés Galeano is bathing in the sun just as well. Within this re-enactment the artist broaches the issue of death and birth of the photographic image via light.

Víctor Colmenero Mir (ES), Doppelgänger, 2016
A shining and oversized phantom is landing on the lawn of Düdingen.
Covered with survival blankets Víctor Colmenero describes the arduous journey of the uprooted people of the migration crisis.

Sexcentenary (GB), Now you see me, now you don’t, 2016
Consisting of seven women, born between 1941 and 1970, the collective Sexcentenary makes the following the the product of discussion: Invisibility of senior citizens, as well as the ageing process of the female sex.

©Photos Annie Sprinkle, Claudia Miranda / Christian Fernández Mirón, Monika Sobczak, Philip Ortelli / Sinae Yoo, Nathan Hoffstetter, Aurelie Godard, Zaccaria Al-Fatlawi, Böse Wicht Zone, Brigitte Fässler, Thomas Reul, copyrights artistes 2016